I thought I would create a page to share my thoughts about certain products that we have acquired along the way. Everyone has their favourite 'must have' toys/gadgets that they have bought or been given and I am a firm believer in recommendations. You will mostly find me religiously checking out reviews on items I buy, before I buy, from breast pads to accommodation! I find other people's opinions invaluable, of course not everyone is the same but you can get the general idea...

I am open to writing reviews on products that are relevant to my blog and my family, please see the contact tab if you want to get hold of me. I aim to give an honest account of items that have made an impact as well as the ones that haven't!

Here are some of the reviews I have written:

Little Tikes Ruby Red Classic Cozy Coupe (Limited Edition)

The Wheelybug

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter

Wellstart Child Development Software

Peter Rabbit Organics Juices

Little Charley Bear DVD

Dance Star Mickey

Trunki Yondi

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