Welcome to the MUMenTUM page!

This was primarily formed whilst chatting with a group of ladies on twitter and we discovered one clear common goal, to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. The name was formed simply because the main focus was to lose our Mum Tums. For this we need to keep up the 'momentum'.

New Mum Online took the reins and pretty soon afterwards MUMenTUM was born and the blog hop was hot on its heels.

Our aim? to strive to keep to our goals with the bonus of having a circle of support. Together we plan to both motivate and confide in each other. Wish us luck...

If you fancy joining in with us or simply have a gander at how we are doing, check out the blog hop every Monday. Below is my diary of what I have been doing (or not doing as may be the case!).

Monday Check in 1

Monday Check in 2

Monday Check in 3

Monday Check in 4

Monday Check in 5

Monday Check in 7