Saturday, 30 April 2011

Igniting Passions...of Interest!

I have been nudged asked kindly by The Crazy Kitchen and Mummy, Daddy and me makes three! to join in with Multiple Mummy's first ever meme! You can find Kerry's reasons for creating this if you pop over to her blog, but basically she had to remember her interests/passions in life whilst at a dinner party and the pressure was on. Well she had no need to worry!

This has been a tricky one, it really makes you use your brain and remember what interests you have/once had. Nevertheless when I am asked to join in I will give it a go....

So here goes...


I love reading but of late (the last 2 years) I haven't managed to really pick up a book and give it the undivided attention it needs. There are no prizes for guessing why but I am sure as time goes on I will be able to treat myself to the indulgence of reading alone in peace. I also get cross if I am interrupted so that's my reason for not getting started! I love fiction, (from chick lit to thrillers) biographies and particularly stories based on true events.

My Dad is mad on books and somewhat of a fanatic on World War I and he never gets bored of his books which he will read over and over. When we used to go on shopping trips he would slope off to the local book shop and could be left for hours, although I feel cheeky sat reading a book I might not buy though. I also love the smell of bookshops and would also happily peruse the shelves for hours. Now I get excited about books for Beastie and even more so now he is showing signs of being a little book worm too, so I shall indulge that.


Now this is a popular one. For our anniversary a couple of years ago my husband and I treated ourselves to a DSLR camera. We haven't regretted it for one moment as we have captured so many fantastic pictures of Beastie growing up and will have many more in the years to come. The downside is neither of us properly know how to use it, although my husband often wings it as he does with most gadgets. We even bought a longer lens and still know no more, so that is something that needs working on. I am proud when a picture comes out really well, so to have the knowledge behind the perfect shot would be an advantage and also using our camera to its full potential.


I nearly didn't put this but thought I should as it is a passion. I have always been fascinated by the whole story, from the magnificence of the ship, the people on board to ultimately what happened. Obviously I am a fan of the blockbuster film but I will also watch documentaries on it and films such as 'Raising Titanic'.

It grips me watching footage of the rusty old ship and also haunts me thinking of all the lost souls. During our honeymoon to Orlando my husband found an exhibition called 'The Titanic Experience' which we went to, to be fair we couldn't go on any rides as I was pregnant so this was the next best thing (for me anyway!). I can look at artifacts recovered from the ship or replicated until the cows come home. Weird I know.


When asked about interests I will always include
travel. I haven't been to the amount of places that I would like to have been by now but I hope to one day. I never did the whole 'back packing' experience or gap year but have seen a few places. When I was an air hostess I was lucky enough to tick a few boxes and be paid for it. Visiting Saudi Arabia will always be high up on my list, fascinating place but not one I will ever have the chance to visit again nor would I want to now. I very nearly moved to Australia as I got a position nursing over there but as fate would have it I met my husband around the time I had to make the decision. I turned it down and now I am married with a family so I wouldn't change that decision for the world but I hope some day to visit Australia, with them in tow.

Blogging and Writing

I am fairly new to this blogging business but so far am pleased with myself that I have stuck with it. I finally have my blog the way I want, however I feel I need to focus a little more on my own posts and see where it takes me. I love writing posts that I really have an opinion on, sometimes I struggle to find topics that will bring out the best in my writing so that is why I won't always post so much. I do enjoy blogging and once I get going I often surprise myself with what I can come up with in a short space of time.

As for writing well it's one reason for starting up this blog, I don't claim to be particularly good but I enjoy it anyhow. If I had applied myself properly at school then maybe I would have pursued a different field and gone into Journalism. I aspire to have something published but that is just a pipe dream!

I am also extremely pedantic with spelling, always have been. Spelling mistakes irk me and I read a lot into a person when I see mistakes *hopes none have been made in this post*.

Nb. Multiple Mummy we have had this discussion and your writing skills are superb.

I could think of a few more but these are probably the ones I have most to talk about. I have already discussed on Twitter all the usual interests such as shopping, watching trash tv and eating so I won't go on about these...

Anyway if you have made it this far go and take a look at all the other entries over at Multiple Mummy and join in if you feel like it, it will make her day :-)

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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Gallery - Green

The theme this week over on Tara's blog is Green, I love that every week it is open to interpretation and doesn't always have to be the obvious. I have decided to go with my first thoughts and this was what I came up with...the obvious!

These were the escalators that took us up to our hotel in New York. During the evening the green looked so effective as the lobby was pretty dark, as was most of the hotel. I loved it as it was so different!

This was one of the bedside lights and as you can see this hotel loved green! The rooms were tiny as are so many in New York but that didn't matter, as who spends too much time in their hotel room in this city? that would be crazy.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Movie Meme - Horror

I saw Hannah's theme this week and rubbed my hands in glee. Until recently horror films were always the film genre of choice for me and I used to challenge myself to try and find films that scared me. People would recommend films claiming they were terrifying only for me to sit laughing at some of the ludicrous creatures/predators.

I am going to be indulgent (because Hannah said we could) and choose two films. My strongest fears come from childhood recollections of films and for this reason I have chosen Halloween from 1978. I have since watched it and as predicted I don't find it as scary now and of course the special effects we have nowadays make this film look very basic. The sequels just get more silly, Jamie Lee Curtis plays one tough cookie who has to look over her shoulder her whole life and still doesn't get rid of her brother even after beheading him? very silly! What gets me still is the music, I only have to hear it to make me feel a bit funny and then this will be accompanied by visions of Michael Myers in his white face mask. I have even freaked myself out during the night thinking of that mask, thinking don't think of his name, don't think of his name.

The second film is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both the 1974 and 2003). This film is just a rollercoaster for me, I am literally on the edge of my seat watching someone run for their lives whilst being pursued by a chainsaw wielding lunatic. For me terrifying is people being captured and tortured, when I say it I realise it sounds crazy to watch films like this but once I am watching I can't stop.

I used to happily watch the Saw films, Hostel and all those types of films. Now I have become more wussy since becoming a Mum, since pregnancy! I haven't got round to watching the last Saw film (out of choice), maybe I should challenge myself once again....hmmm.

Go have a look at all the other films over at Metal Mummy...there so are so many I could have added.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Listography - My Wedding

I love this theme over at Kate Takes 5 and is very apt for the Royal Wedding looming. I wonder if Kate Middleton will have any regrets about her day?? Now doesn't everyone think that their wedding is the perfect day? My day was indeed perfect for us but nevertheless there are always things I would change in hindsight.

So here are my top five things I would change about my wedding day..

1. From the start of the planning I knew that I couldn't justify spending a fortune on a wedding dress so I decided not to. I had a style in mind and found one in Monsoon I loved and had it altered a little bit (I had to have a dress fitting), it was very similar to one I had tried on in a bridal shop which cost £1000 and to me was perfect. I don't let it bug me too much but I find myself looking at other people's dresses and wishing mine was more grand *sighs*. Occasionally I will have a look at my dress hanging in the wardrobe and my love of it will be renewed.

2. I wouldn't be so stupid as to mark my dress before I even leave the house. I applied some lipgloss and made a quick dash to the loo and as I was readjusting my underwear I flipped the dress quickly only for it to fly up and stick on my lips! That just opened the flood gates and I thought my dress was ruined. In the end you could barely see it and I forgot as soon as I got out of the car, as you know too much else to worry about.

3. I would change my hair, in some shots it still really annoys me! I would have a side chignon of sorts now but then that's now. I realise whatever I had I probably would 'go off'.

4. I wouldn't bother buying the delightfully sexy Trinny and Susannah support knickers that I did (I know not pretty but the bra was!). On the day they were pretty uncomfortable and where they once worked a few weeks prior to the wedding they did absolutely nothing to hide my pregnant BLOAT on the day (another reason why the dress failed me).

5. Lastly although we have some great photo's, I would change the photographer. I spent an awful lot of time researching someone who would photograph the day in the reportage style I wanted. He did that but mainly of randoms at the wedding, didn't take enough of family and then went bankrupt so we never got our wedding album. Worry not the weasel man gave us a DVD of all the shots but we did pay extra for that album, grrr. Thank goodness for Photobox!

So pop over and see what aspects everyone else would change!


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gallery - My Blog

The theme this week over at Tara's blog Sticky Fingers is simply My Blog.

Well this is an interesting one, last week I was completely stumped and admitted defeat! I couldn't think, how rubbish, but it happens to us all sometimes. This week however I have my mojo back and am joining in the fun.

First of all, I too stumbled into the blogging world and when I look back (two months ago) I struggle to remember exactly what led me where. What I do know is that it was my husband who suggested I start a blog, he read a bit about 'Mummy blogging' and thought I should give it a whirl, so here I am. We had been scratching our heads for ages trying to think of an online business idea when he saw that blogging may be useful. Well we don't have a business idea yet...but it led me here for which I am very pleased.

So here I am with my blog and thanks to my super duper clever husband, has been designed the way I wanted to be. After I was getting very frustrated with it 'not looking right' he has created what I had in mind. In the process he has found a passion in designing and all things techie! I am very proud of him and want him to pursue his talent.

When I wrote my first post I was delighted to get some comments and quickly realised how supportive this community is. Then as I got a little more confident I started to personalise more and more and join in all the meme's (I never would have imagined these existed either). Who ever would have thought blogging could keep you so busy? it's just like a bandwagon, sometimes I feel like I am running after it! but when you jump on again it's still the same happy place (mostly!).

Here is the photo from my first post and Beastie was always going to be the main star of the show! I have always loved taking photo's but now I am always thinking of my blog too. For me it's the perfect place to share and store memories of Beastie growing up, feel part of a warm and welcoming community, learn more about myself in the process as well as tapping into the massive resource which is hundreds of Mummy's in the same boat. Many might I add with a lot more on their hands than me, I take my hat off to you all!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Guardian Q & A

I have been tagged not once but twice by the very lovely Super Amazing Mum and Mummy, Daddy and me makes three! for The Guardian Q & A meme.

This meme is certainly doing the rounds, its taken me all afternoon copying it over and changing the fonts, let alone answering the questions! Great idea though and clever way to find out more about fellow bloggers.

So here goes with the questions...

Which living person do you most admire, and why?
My Mum, she was always going to be my answer here. Purely because she is there no matter what and now I am a Mum I understand so much more what she has done for me. I am full of admiration for her and putting up with someone who is not grateful for who she is.
When were you happiest?
When I think back to happy times, I always remember the carefree times when I was about 16-17 and in the sixth form at school. Besides studying, I didn't have a care in the world. Money in my pocket, use of a car, freebie clothes and hotel service (Mum) and lots of nights out. Of course now I am fulfilled but adulthood brings worries...
What was your most embarrassing moment?
Being a student nurse and watching a patient being anaesthetised. The Anaesthetist asked if I was feeling ok (I was feeling rough) and I replied only for him to say that he was speaking to the patient NOT me. His colleague was falling about with laughter and I wanted the ground to swallow me.
Aside from property, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?
My second car which was a little red Clio and I got it on finance, (does that count?) scary at 18!
What is your most treasured possession?
My rings - engagement and wedding ring as well as my Mum's engagement ring she gave me and another of her rings for my 30th.
Where would you like to live?
I want to live somewhere warmer and nearer the sea. We have the option to live in Spain so you never know!
What’s your favourite smell?
You can't beat freshly cut grass for that summer feeling!
Who would play you in the film of your life?
Ooh maybe somebody like Charlize Theron but there again I don't think my life is dramatic enough to warrant her services...
What do you owe your parents?
Lots of gratitude for putting up with me! Mostly for showing me how to stand on my own two feet and to follow my dreams. They moved abroad which I think was very brave and best of all they have made it work and have a fantastic life.
What is your favourite book?
The Island by Victoria Hislop. It's not the best book I have read but it is my favourite as it reminds me of Egypt and lying around the pool. There used to be music playing (the same cd over and over) but there was a really haunting track that fitted the book perfectly. I will never forget it.
What is your most unappealing habit?
Am afraid it has to be nail biting, not to the point they are knawed down to within an inch of their lives but not nice enough to warrant a manicure! I get very excited if a couple of nails grow long enough to have a white bit at the bottom, only for me to chomp away on them in my sleep!
What would be your fancy dress costume of choice?
Now I love fancy dress! but sadly haven't had the opportunity lately. It has to be girly so I would be a St Trinian or the like.
What is your earliest memory?
Hurtling head over heels on a patio and smacking my front tooth out.
What is your guiltiest pleasure?
I have to go with naff tv too, there is nothing better than wasting some time watching cheesy feel good tv. Like 'One Tree Hill', they are all so pretty, rich, slim, have morals and gorgeous houses. Wishful thinking...
To whom would you most like to say sorry, and why?
I can't think of anything I have done particularly that I would want to go back and say sorry for. Of course I have done things to be sorry for but then it's made me who I am now.
What or who is the greatest love of your life?
My husband and son without a doubt.
What does love feel like?
To want to be with someone all the time, second guessing what the other is thinking, having the same dreams and feeling completely at ease with them.
What was the best kiss of your life?
The first time my son walked up and gave me a kiss without me even having to ask!
Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
'Really?' 'As I have probably said before...' (I always cover my back when I am aware I am repeating stories and not sure who I have told).
What is the worst job you’ve done?
Labelling jam jars when I was 15, it was piece rate so the more you did the more you earned! the downside was having to collect crates of jars in the height of summer with wasps swarming everywhere.
If you could change one thing from your past, what would you change?
I would have tried harder at school but it hasn't hampered me now in any way.

What is the closest you’ve come to death?
Quad biking! (only in my head though) see Point 6 here.
What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Having my son, I will always be amazed I grew him!
When did you last cry, and why?
Last week when my sinusitis was so bad my head felt like it was going to burst. So I cried only to make it worse.
How do you relax?
Ideally sitting in the sun, glass of wine in hand with something to read.
What single thing would improve the quality of your life?
A garden would change my life, I kid you not! My sun deprived balcony is doing my head in.
What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
That everything happens for a reason and I am where I am now because of my past. Life is also what you make it and you must take chances in life to make changes.

Now this is the bit where everyone has probably already been tagged and I just want to get this posted otherwise I never will, so I tag:


Silent Sunday...

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Now for avid fans this acronym will immediately catch your attention. I try to blog about topics that interest me no matter what they are, whether they are baby/child related or not. So having blogged about being ill I can't really do that again (no, being ill does not interest me in case you were wondering) and as I am only now starting to feel more human I can get back on the blogging/ranting band wagon again.

So obviously when ill (and able to) the tv is a source of comfort and there is nothing better than a bit of easy to watch 'car crash tv'. As far as The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) is concerned, I had avoided it and hadn't felt the need to watch it. I had listened mainly to people at work chat about it and talk about the famous catch phrases used (boring...) and thought I had missed the boat and too many episodes. Anyhow after needing something new to Sky+ for times when there is nothing on...the rest is history.

I just find it hilarious, it's The Hills but worse. No glamourous location and everyone appears to be super aware they are being filmed. No one is relaxed like they used to be in Big Brother, where people became too blase to say the least but it made for better reality viewing. I think reality shows have become too common place on tv now and they are always looking for new twists and directions. Just when you think it's all been done, they try something new.

I read yesterday that Brian Belo (one of the Big Brother winners) claimed to have been the brains (ahem) behind the idea of TOWIE and was axed after the intial pilot show. Poor love. Again all so funny in my eyes. The real corker was also reading that Jodie Marsh complained of the show giving Essex a bad name, I practically spat my tea out.

My most favourite part of the show (well all of the show) is watching people trying to have conversations or major bust ups while trying not to snigger as they are being filmed. They don't even wait between takes to put on the lipgloss and check their hair. Could you imagine walking around looking so 'done up' all day? Are they really that interesting that most of the show doesn't need to be made up of scenes developed for 'entertainment purposes'?

Now this isn't written to ruffle any Essex girls feathers and I do know that this show is extreme with cliches aplenty, it's just one of my latest fads and sometimes I can't quite believe these people live in that world!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Flashback Friday

This week my thoughts are very much with memories of being young and where I grew up. I have a couple of trips within the month 'back home' or in that direction. When the weather started to warm up (well it tried!) it made me think about how great it would be to live by the sea again. Here I am sat on a rock with my old next door neighbour, whose family had come down for a visit.

I never really appreciated growing up by the seaside. I lived just at the bottom of the road that led to this beach. Our dog at the time certainly knew he was onto a good thing because he regularly escaped from the garden and raced up the road. For a Golden Retriever he was a little wild to say the least. Everywhere changes and it's not the same place any more but I often think back to that little village. My Mum used to walk me through fields and down past a little stream to get to my school, the memories are vivid. What makes me sad is that I am not sure it would be safe to do that now.

Now I am all grown up, living inland and a parent, I can see how lucky I was. My husband and I talk an awful lot about where we want to end up and what we can offer our son during his precious childhood (and any subsequent children). Long gone are the days where you can let your kids play freely without much worry but I would like to live somewhere like that again...

I love looking at old photo's so will be eagerly waiting for all the other entries over at Cafebebe...

Cafe Bebe

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Listography - The Laminated List

This week's Listography over at Kate Takes 5 is all about 'The Laminated List' from the classic Friends episode, unless you hate Friends you are going to know this!

I am not going to put mine in any order of preference, just seeing one of them walk past me in the street would be enough. Now I struggled to find five and then I asked my husband who I liked and he said I had missed one...we spent a little while googling who he was as he couldn't remember his name! then he said 'why am I helping you?!!'. It's only because he knows only too well he has a laminated list too.

My choices: Now you may have noticed there is a general theme here with the men being dark and brooding. Brad Pitt has been on the list for a long time and is a fierce contender. I also thought I should put someone who wasn't a filmstar but couldn't find any home grown men I could think of! Colin Farrell is pretty high up the list and although he is Irish I am not the type to swoon over his accent (not that you hear it much anyway!). The guy I couldn't remember was Mark Wahlberg, he doesn't always look so great nowadays but he still gets my vote!

So they are (in case you don't know)

Colin Farrell
Brad Pitt
Eddie Cibrian
Josh Hartnett
Mark Wahlberg

Now go and have a look at the other choices, this is a great topic to have a nosey at...