Saturday, 19 February 2011

What I wouldn't give for a nice shiny iPad...

Now I have made the step to start all this blogging malarky, I have also decided it would be fantastic to have an iPad. Let's face it I 'need' an iPad to become an accomplished blogger, well that's what I tell myself. I can see myself perched on the sofa, iPad sitting comfortably on my lap or even lounging in bed, peace and quiet, (this really is wishful thinking) whilst I tap away, ideas aplenty! an iPad and I would be so happy together....

In reality it's just another gadget that I can ill afford (sniff) and simply can't justify! My husband is just the same as me, ideal match you might say but an absolute nightmare when it comes to reining in the spending. Someone has to be the grown up and decide when something is needed or not, that is usually me and I do a pretty job rubbish with that role!

So to keep us occupied and dreaming that one day one of us will win something (other than an Andrex puppy from an empty toilet roll), we have been eagerly entering The Times online competition to win an iPad every hour. As they say you have to be in it to win it, something which I really should apply to the lottery! I shall let you know if our luck should change, oh how happy I would be...


  1. everyone needs and ipad - I do hope you win one - I would like to win one too!
    Found your blog via bmb.

  2. Sorry to shatter your deams, iPad definitely not necessary for blogging, nor iPhone even!

    Found you via Reasons to be Cheerful, are you going to link up your reasons next week?

    Mich x

  3. hello, found your post on BMB.
    good luck with the ipad ;)