Sunday, 13 February 2011

When will the Beastie give in?!

It is now nine thirty and I still have a little ball of energy running around the lounge, showing absolutely no signs of retiring to bed anytime soon! After resisting 'a nap' until as late as possible and sleeping until gone 6, I suppose I only have myself to blame (and my husband as he is home too). But hey it's Sunday and I have tomorrow off and the Beastie thankfully is too young for school yet, so it will just be me who has to deal with a very grumpy child tomorrow who is clearly sleep deprived. This however will not hamper his desire to run riot and swivel my chair whilst sat at the computer, in his bid to have my exclusive attention, usually gained by hitting me in the face and grabbing the keyboard.

After reading an article about how much time Mums spend online now at the expense of their children, this demonstrative act from him does stop and make me think 'am I being neglectful?'. Will he always remember Mummy as brushing him aside when she was busy? I think about how much more time my own Mum must have had because the internet didn't exist back then! What on earth did she do with herself? she taught me to read by the age of 3, that's what she did. Of course I have that ingrained in me to do the same, something which I wholeheartedly aim to do. What I have learnt so far as a Mum is that it takes a while to learn how to juggle everything and no one ever gets it's about finding a happy medium.


  1. what time did he give in??
    My son would do the same when he was smaller - and then STILL get up at the same early hour, then be super grumpy all day.

  2. Around 10pm! Oh I do hope we get our evenings back soon! am hoping he will suddenly love his bed. Kids don't know what they're missing!

  3. Hey there :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi. I've signed up to follow you - if you fancy returning the follow that would be cool. Thanks for saying you love my blog, means a lot.

    I am caught between my daughter and my blogging at the moment. For a time, back in January when I first started out blogging I was using the TV as a babysitter to find my way in the blogging world. I stopped doing that as it wasn't fair. I now have, what I think, is a happy balance of blogging time against baby (well, toddler) time :)

    How old is your LO? My daughter will be 2 in March.

    Nice to meet you x

  4. Hellooooo, I came and found your first! I can see why you gave him the name Beastie now!! haha
    and how rude of you not to introduce yourself.......

  5. Mummyandthebeastie3 September 2011 at 14:23

    It's so rubbish! but I agree I still struggle now for ideas of what to write about, as is clear of late!! xx